Two Neutron S Kits - BLADE

  • Includes TWO complete Neutron S Kit - BLADEs.

  • No glue, just peel and stick.

  • Compatible with any helmet.

  • Water resistant.

  • USB-rechargeable (cable included).

  • 6 hour battery life. Extends to 11 hours in blinking modes.

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Бренд: LightMode
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This Double Neutron S Kit is powered by two small, detachable controllers which has four modes: constant glow, slow blink, fast blink, and strobe. The controllers contain a built-in USB rechargeable battery (charging cables included), and can be mounted on the back or either side of your helmet. 

The LightMode Light Strips stick to your helmet using a very durable adhesive. Peel and stick the light strips to your helmet in a variety of orientations.
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