Proton S Kit

  • Contains all the necessary components to illuminate your helmet.
  • Plug and play. No electrical experience required.
  • Water resistant.
  • USB-rechargeable (cable included).
  • 7 hour battery life. Extends to 12 hours in blinking modes.
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Бренд: LightMode
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A Proton S Kit is powered by a small, detachable controller which has four modes: constant glow, slow blink, fast blink, and strobe. The controller contains a built-in USB rechargeable battery (charging cable included), and can be mounted on the back or either side of your helmet. 

This kit comes with 2 x 2 meter EL wires. The EL wires are fixed to your helmet using a special combination of super strong, helmet-safe LightMode glue and accelerator.

Compact, sleek design
The perfect balance between size, power output, and battery life.

Water resistant
Rain or shine, stay illuminated all the time.

Super low-profile mount
Clip on your LightMode controller for night rides. Clip it off for day rides.

Weather resistant adhesives
Only the best adhesives to ensure your kit will not fly off at high speeds.

USB Rechargeable
Enjoy 6 hours of continuous illumination or 11 hours in blinking modes.

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